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Ellen T. Arthur

Ellen T. Arthur is an expert in corporate governance, legal affairs, and capital management. Ellen is an advisor and director at multiple funds including to Outer Islands Capital Management. For over 13 years, Ellen was the General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Administrative Officer at Haidar Capital Management LLC, a New York-based management company which advises a domestic and offshore global macro fund. She has over 30 years of financial industry experience as a securities attorney. Ellen’s area of legal expertise is in investment management and financial services, specifically in the development of innovative securities and banking products, both domestically and internationally, for major investment banks such as Merrill Lynch (Bank of America), Dean Witter (Morgan Stanley), PaineWebber (UBS) and Bear Stearns (JP Morgan Chase). Ellen has a B.A., Magna Cum Laude, University of Pennsylvania, J.D., Hofstra School of Law. She is a member of the New York Bar.

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