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Rose Cay Maritime Hits Milestone with 100th Hire Amid Energy Transition Efforts

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2022 -- Rose Cay Maritime (RCM), a pioneering Jones Act-compliant maritime company, celebrated its 100th employee within its first year, marking a significant growth phase. This period saw the company lead the revival of a fleet of dormant vessels, involving 11 dry-dockings and collaborations with eight U.S. shipyards. This effort not only represented a major economic boost but also supported hundreds of American jobs, positioning RCM to aid renewable fuel producers and major energy firms during a critical time for the U.S. energy landscape.

RCM, known for its comprehensive energy logistics services for top corporations and government entities, operates with an all-American fleet under the Jones Act. This fleet is owned, built, crewed, and flagged in the U.S. The company's team, including its advisory committee, brings extensive experience in maritime operations, logistics, infrastructure, and investments.

Alex Parker, RCM's Managing Partner, expressed pride in the company's rapid advancement: "In just one year, our team has established a leading maritime logistics company poised to support the Energy Transition. Through hard work and perseverance, we acquired, refurbished, and relaunched a core fleet of U.S.-made, flagged, and crewed Jones Act vessels," Parker stated. "Today, thanks to our employees, we are a trusted provider of safe and reliable transportation services to the world's largest energy companies and governments. We will continuously strive to improve and harness our entrepreneurial prowess to provide critical energy infrastructure to America."

RCM sets new standards in Jones Act shipping with its focus on safety, customer service, and environmental awareness, acting as a strategic partner in the rapidly changing energy and logistics sectors. As renewable fuels gain prominence in the U.S. energy transition, RCM plays a vital role in transporting cargoes across major U.S. coasts, including from the Gulf to the West Coast, emphasizing carbon emission reduction.

The company's fleet, notably active in New York Harbor, offers an environmentally efficient transport alternative to truck or rail, crucial for regional energy distribution and supporting communities during disruptions from wars, natural disasters, or infrastructure gaps.

RADM Mark H. Buzby, USN (Ret), a former Maritime Administrator, highlighted the team's achievements: "I am proud to be a part of the team that helped strengthen the U.S.-flagged fleet by bringing these Jones Act qualified vessels back into service," Buzby said. "Our focus has been to build a team of professionals ‑ afloat and ashore ‑ who are focused on safety, efficient operations, and doing it right, no shortcuts."

Josh Trump, Managing Director at Contrarian Capital Management, praised RCM's restoration of their fleet: "We are very pleased to have partnered with the Rose Cay Maritime team to return our fleet to service at a time when the U.S. energy complex is in need of more reliable, environmentally conscious operators of coastwise vessels," he said. "With producers of biofuels increasingly in need of vessels to transport product across the country we are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead and Rose Cay's ability to be the industry's provider of choice."

RCM's adaptability to market changes, foundational stability, and expertise in maritime and regulatory matters position it as a leader in Jones Act operations, ready to face current and future energy supply challenges.


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