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Investing in real assets that power tomorrow's economy.

Driving growth across maritime, aviation, logistics and infrastructure through sustainable and innovative solutions.


Our management & technical expertise allow
us to grow business across industries.

Investing in and operating Jones Act vessels that serve critical U.S. coastal ports, supporting energy supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

Providing financing and operating solutions designed to reshape the aviation industry's future, focusing on efficiency and growth potential.

Delivering equipment financing solutions for companies through leases and loans across a variety of industries and verticals.

Scaling infrastructure that supports sustainable development, including projects that decarbonize industrial supply chains and logistics operations.

Supporting businesses and securing core assets during transitional periods with both active and passive solutions for owners and creditors.

Man Welding


Real assets are the backbone
of the global economy. 

With a strategic focus in core equipment, businesses and infrastructure that operate in sectors poised for long-term growth, our hands-on management and technical expertise enable us to grow platforms and turnaround distressed assets, minimizing downside risks and unlocking returns for our investors.


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