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Real Asset Special Situations

targeting ESG forward investments

About Rose Cay


Rose Cay, LLC (“Rose”) is a real asset special situations investment platform. Rose targets opportunities across  forward looking sectors that are poised for growth and offer a stable credit profile. Investments leverage best-in-class ESG compliance, global trends, technology, and core assets to deliver long-term value. 


Rose makes investments through an analytical process that factors in critical infrastructure, demographic changes, regional growth shifts, technology driven behavioral changes and opportunistic legislation. Acquisition targets are within geographies or asset types where Rose has developed both market intelligence and execution capabilities, directly or through strategic partners. Rose evaluates numerous investment opportunities sourced and structured through proprietary means, but only undertakes a select number based on a robust due diligence and financial analysis.  

Investment Philosophy



With a robust pipeline of potential investments, Rose focuses on its' detailed underwriting process, extensive market research, and operating partnerships to select only the most attractive projects on a risk adjusted basis. 



Rose partners with best-in-class companies, operators, and service providers to ensure that all investments are made and managed with the utmost diligence. Rose actively works to mitigate risk through collaboration with firms that have proven track records of execution.



As a reflection of confidence

and a belief in their strategy, Rose's Partners invest alongside investors. Rose places significant emphasis on strong credit counterparts that provide durable revenue streams throughout market cycles of volatility. 

Investment Profile

Rose focuses on assets that provide material cash flow and capital appreciation, while also meeting ESG criteria. 

We believe that out-sized returns can be achieved by being disciplined in making investments, leveraging our team’s experience, and acting nimbly as early movers attuned to market trends as well as new legislation. Rose has established sector specific investment vehicles as well as to access  Qualified Opportunity Zone (OZ) transactions.

Investment Profile

Rose Cay Team

Rose has a purpose built team and board comprised of senior investment, operations management, and legal professionals to support institutional quality processes.

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